Crypto-Related Message: Market Prophit processes the Twitter message stream and filters out relevant crypto-related tweets for processing through our proprietary sentiment and analytical engines to produce sentiments signals, Market Prophit ranks, and other related statistics and data.

Sentiment: Is a numerical score assigned to each Crypto-Related Message representing how “bullish” or “bearish” the message is. Sentiment values range between -1.0 to +1.0 as calculated by Market Prophit’s proprietary Natural Language Processing engine where -1.0 represents the most “bearish” sentiment message and +1.0 represents the most “bullish” sentiment message.

Z-Score: Is a normalized measure of sentiment that converts raw sentiment into units of standard deviation to help quantify the strength of the sentiment signal statistically given a distribution (e.g. a Z-Score of 3 is much more than twice as strong as a Z-Score of 1.5).

Buzz: Is a metric of current message activity as a ratio to average historical message activity over a defined window of time. Buzz values significantly higher than 1 represent highly active conversation about a particular crypto.

Market Prophit Score: The Market Prophit Score is generated by Market Prophit’s proprietary quantitative algorithms for an individual financial blogger. The score measures a variety of factors about a blogger’s crypto messages that are important to establish predictiveness and quality of their messages (“crypto calls”). The higher the Market Prophit Score, the more predictive the bloggers messages are and the higher the quality of the content of their messages as determined by our proprietary scoring framework. The lower the Market Prophit Score, the less predictive the bloggers messages are and the lower the quality of the content of their messages. Market Prophit Scores can be negative and are not numerically bounded. The Market Prophit Score is calculated once a day. Not every financial blogger receives a Market Prophit Score from Market Prophit. There are strict criteria that are used to determine whether a financial blogger is eligible to receive a Market Prophit Score. This is to ensure that the Market Prophit Score is a meaningful and robust representation of the accuracy and predictiveness of a financial blogger’s messages. There are two main factors that are necessary to achieve a positive Market Prophit Score: a high enough frequency of messages posted on a continuous and repeated basis as well as those messages being predictive of crypto price moves accurately. It is both quantity "and" quality that matter.

Market Prophit Rank: The Market Prophit Rank is a numerical integer rank of where a potential financial blogger ranks relative to their peers in the universe of Market Prophit's ranked bloggers. The Market Prophit Rank takes into account all of the crypto calls for a financial blogger for all cryptos they mention in their social media posts. It is a measure of "overall" performance. Those with the highest ranks are considered the “Top Market Prophits”, or mavens with the highest quality of content in their messages. Market Prophit Rank esablishes the reputation of a financial blogger in social media. The higher the rank, then the more trust a user of the Market Prophit platform is able to have in the quality of the content of a social media blogger's content.

Crypto-Specific Market Prophit Rank: This is the rank that identifies where a particular financial blogger ranks amongst all bloggers who made “crypto calls” for a particular crypto.

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